Red Feather Studios

Wesleyan's student-run recording studio.
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Why Red Feather?

Record high quality audio in a low pressure environment.
Make mistakes, try new things, come as many time as you want!

What do we do?

What do you want to record?


Play it live or mix it later.


Make beats or bring them.

Original Musicals

Don't let your music die.

a Capella

Release a group album.


Put on a show.


A comfortable space to talk.


Slam poets, share your voices.


Narrate a story.

Need any more help?

Staff meetings are held each Sunday from 1-2pm. To reserve studio time for a given week, you must submit a request before noon on the Sunday of the week you wish to record. We will review all requests submitted that week and send emails confirming sessions for those we can accommodate.

U.O.C., 190 High St.